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Don't be a freakin retard...

...or god will murder your loved ones.

PiGPEN responds:

Because everyone knows YOURE the mouth piece for a vengeful all-knowing being that doesnt exist.

Ha ha.

That girl really loves the cock.

Fantastic work.

This is truly some of the best I have ever had the privilege to witness stream from Newgrounds. Keep up the amazing work and be sure to not leave this an "unfinished project". I feel that this has real, valuable marketable material for you as part of your animation portfolio (if you aren't a professional animator anyway).


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This was very well written and put togeather, very well executed. However, being a producer myself, I do wish that your studio engineer had spent a little more time perfecting things as far as the perfect-timing-and-drum-precision stuff goes. Other then that this is very very well mixed and mastered.

You are like... the only other "band" I've found on newgrounds other then me, and it's a total honor to watch my name appear in the chart listings alongside yours nowdays.

Keep rocking.

Final-Round responds:

Thanks for the kind words man. Our tech did what he could with what money we gave him. I assure you if we had another grand, nothing could have touched our songs, but as is, we're a broke bunch of dudes that play shows and work to save up moneys to record, and as soon as we get enough we go in and do what we can.

The guy we use is Dan Precision (88 finger louie, rise above,break the silence). He has been very kind, and even donated some free time for us, which was incredibly awesome.

but yeah, thanks for listening, hopefully together we can give NG more respect in the audio portal. as is, I feel kinda like the bastard child of ng, stuffed away in the basement...or something like that!

Needs Mixing and Mastering

This song is freaking awesome... but it needs Mixing and Mastering bad. Send it my way dude, I'll do it for free... You rock...

jeghyan responds:

Yeah, I'm not so good with the mixing stuff... Especially since my computer has an atrocious sound card -.-;; But I will deffinately take you up on that offer in the future sometime! Your songs sound freaking awesome!

Hope this helps...

You put this in as an "Unfinished" track, so I am going to write this review with the mentality that pretty much everything about this song is "up in the air", and still being designed and constructed.

The melodies are beautiful, and well constructed. They all fit together seamlessly, and I can find no out-of-place note in the entire track. It’s awesome quite frankly. Toward the end when you have what sounds like a thousand synth lines, it just explodes into the greatest place.

However, the single synth line in the beginning goes on too long before the second synth line comes in. When the second synth line comes in, the 2 synth lines goes on too long before another change happens. Basically things are ringing out for too long without really changing. This doesn't hold my interest very well.

I know a lot of techno is this way, and that you basically are doing the same thing that every other techno artist does by having everything ring out for a ridiculous amount of time, I would suggest you make yourself stand out from the crowd and have things move at a faster pace.

Add some nice changing quarter-beat and sixteenth-beat hats, a 4-on-the-floor-kick, and I can very easily hear an awesome little commercial quality club-worthy dance track.

Finish it. I defiantly hear real potential.

Really care? Then ask me personally sometime.

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